Emergency Care Scheme

Emergency Scheme in 4 Steps:

  • Step 1 - Complete the Emergency Care Plan

    Complete the Emergency Care Plan for the person you support. You can download the care plan here or by contacting us at emergencyscheme@familycarers.ie, or via our Freephone Careline on 1800 24 07 24. 

  • Step 2 - Nominate two people

    Nominate two people (e.g. family members, friends or neighbours) who agree to step into your caring role if you are in an accident or emergency. This is an important part of the scheme. Include their details on the plan together with details of agencies or services involved in supporting the person you care for.

  • Step 3 - Return the plan

    Return the plan to us by post or email and we will send you out an Emergency Card. Carry the card with you and if something happens, the Emergency Services or a member of the public can call the dedicated 24/7 Freephone Emergency Helpline.

  • Step 4 - We contact nominated people

    When we receive a call, we contact the people you have nominated. We ask them to step into your caring role and we share the Emergency Care Plan with them. If they are unavailable, we link with any agencies or services you have listed. If we cannot agree a plan at this point we either provide support directly through our Family Carers Ireland Home Support Service or we contact the Emergency Services. 

Download the Emergency Care Plan

The information in your Emergency Care Plan is held secure… Download