Census 2022: Q23 - Is this me?


Family Carers Ireland is launching a public awareness campaign titled 'Question 23Is This Me?' featuring the TV advertisement above to encourage family carers to tick Yes to Question 23 when Census 2022 is held on April 3rd.

Question 23 on the census form asks:

Do you provide regular unpaid personal help or support to a family member, neighbour or friend with a long-term illness, health issue, an issue related to old age or disability?

The purpose of this question is to gain an accurate measure of the number of family carers in Ireland and the number of hours of care they provide for loved ones.

Conducted once every five years, the census gives everyone in the country an opportunity to be counted and have their voices heard. The data that is collected helps to plan for essential services such as healthcare, education, transport and social care.

As the number of family carers in Ireland today is thought to be much higher than previous figures suggest, Family Carers Ireland believes there is a crucial gap in the census figures and that many of those caring for loved ones with additional needs are not being counted because they haven't identified themselves as family carers on previous census forms.

It is vital that every person providing full or part-time care in the home answers Yes to Question 23 on April 3rd. This applies to everyone regardless of whether they are in receipt of a social protection payment such as Carer's Allowance or not or whether they are providing full or part-time care.

It is also imperative that each family carer writes in the number of hours of care they provide per week, whether this is just one hour per week or if they care 168 hours. In fact, Family Carers Ireland are aware of incidences of spoiled questions in Census 2011 and 2016 due to carers writing 24/7 rather than 168 hours each week (i.e. full-time round-the-clock care).

Let's Get Counting Together

Spreading the message to family carers all over Ireland is really vital to this campaign, so why not help us by taking a picture and posting it on your own social media channels with the hashtag #CarersCount and/or sending it to us (campaigns@familycarers.ie) so that we can also share through our channels (with your permission).
Simply get a piece of paper or card and write:

Census 2022 Q23
This is me!

If you are caring for a loved one, please ensure you are counted on April 3rd by answering Yes to Question 23. Together, we can ensure that the Government knows the true number of family carers and the full extent of the care that they provide within their homes which prop up our health services.

Information Leaflet

Further information on Question 23 can be found in the leaflet below and on www.census.ie.

Census 2022 - Information Leaflet for Family Carers